About Us

Arête is an independent post production sound studio formed in 2013 by Adi Lincoln and Dan Leader.

Originally created under the premise of collaborating, releasing and promoting both our solo and collaborative music projects, it grow into focusing more on offering professional audio services ranging from simple editing, mixing/mastering to sound design & post production audio.

In 2021, Dan has decided to leave the business to pursue other endeavours. Arête is now solely managed by myself. With that change, so did Arêtes business focus, now focusing mostly on post production audio services for all types of media.

Good audio for me, is about telling stories and connecting to the audience on an emotional level, finding a part of yourself in it.

As an audio proffesional, it is imperative to me to listen to my clients and not compromise on anything to get the best results. To achieve this, I work ‘In the Box’ with industry standard plugins and gear allowing me a wide range of options no matter the project size and scope. I will use my set of skills to tackle any task regarding your project.

Arêtes services range from simple editing, to designing unique sound scapes and effects, cleaning up audio files and/or dialogue, and complete post production sound design and final mix. Every project Is different, which is why I will draw from my years of experience, vast library of unique sound libraries I’ve recorded myself, and Industry standard software and hardware to deliver the best results for you and the demands of your project.

Arête maintains a DIY ethic, writing, recording, editing, mixing & mastering and self-releasing digital and physical media. 

I can’t thank Dan enough for all the time and hard work he put into making Arête what it is. He will always remain an integral part of Arêtes identity.