Audio Services

Our studio is offering Mixing / Mastering services as well as *Sound Design & Composing services all in Pro Tools.

At Arête we are very passionate about art and music which makes it important to us to listen to our clients and not compromise on anything to get the best results. To achieve this, we work ‘In the Box’ with industry standard plugins and gear allowing us a wide range of options with any genre of music.

Sound Design: As artists we share a passion for video and film, when we work on a Sound Design project we work from a database of Sounds FX we’ve built during the years as well as record folis sounds whenever needed.

Here’s How it Works…

The following is a breakdown of the process we do for each project we take. The complete process involves 6 simple steps:

Step 1: *Consultation – We discuss your project, goals & needs, discover pain points and areas that need improving.
Step 2: Prepare and Upload/Mail Final Project ( OMF format for sound design )
Step 3: We work on your project, taking into account all that’s been discussed to get the best results the first time. Keeping an open channel of communication for your feedback / ideas.
Step 4: Download the Final Project
Step 5: **Project Adjustments

*We will go into detail about every stage of our working process  at the consultation stage.

** If needed

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