Here are some answers to common questions I tend to get from time to time. If you have a question that doesn’t appear on this list, drop me a line down below and I will be happy to answer it.

What is Audio Post-Production?

Audio Post-Production is the process of creating the soundtrack for a visual program of some kind. Ever since silent movies began to talk, filmmakers have been looking to control and improve the quality of the sound of their creation. As soon as creators realized there was a way to control and enhance the sound of their pictures, Audio Post was born, and has been a fact of life ever since. In Television, audio was originally “live”, like the visual program it was part of. As TV evolved, and the art form grew to include “videotaped” and “filmed” programming, the need for Audio Post increased. Nowadays, it would be difficult to find any feature film or television show that hasn’t been through audio post. 

What is involved in Audio Post?

Audio Post usually consists of several processes. Each different project may need some, or all of these processes in order to be complete. The processes are: 

  • Production Dialogue Editing 
  • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement – if needed) 
  • Sound Effects Editing and Design 
  • Foley Recording (human sound effects recorded in sync with picture) 
  • Music Composition and Music Editing 
  • Mixing (also called re-recording) 

Do you offer 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby Atmos Mixing?

YES! my studio is fitted to support both 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby Atmos mixing for any scope of project.

Do you have a price list?

Every project is different so I always quote on a per project basis. I aim to offer a fair price for all our services to suit your budget, and only charge for the hours I actively work on your project.

Contact me to discuss your requirements, and I will be happy to provide a breakdown based on the specifics of your recording.

How long will it take to complete my project?

That depends on the of the project. Multitrack mixes (especially for film) are usually more labour intensive than a few files that only need editing, subtle touch ups or some cleaning. I can provide a range of services from editing, audio cleanup, SFX (Audio Sound Effects) to full scope sound design.

Contact me to discuss your requirements, or read more about my Audio Post Production services.

Can i attend the mix session?

I am always happy and open to discuss your project with you. However, as a freelancer I’m working on more than just one project at a time, which prevents me from being available to host customers in my studio or answering immediately. I always aim to respond within a couple of hours.

I usually provide ‘online audio services’, which means files are exchanged over ‘WeTransfer’ or ‘Dropbox’ and the audio files are worked on in-house. The first mix is uploaded for comments and then changes are applied accordingly.

However, if you would like to attend the sessions in person I am more than happy to accommodate this request for an extra charge.

– Can’t spot your question? drop me a line down below and I will be happy to answer it. 

I always aim to answer within a few hours.