Do you have a price list?

All our projects are different so we always quote on a per project basis. We aim to offer a fair price for all our services to suit your budget.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will be happy to provide a breakdown based on the specifics of your recording.

How long does mixing and mastering take?

That depends on the style of music. Multitrack rock and pop mixes are usually more labour intensive than classical mixes (whereas classical recordings often require more editing than non-classical projects). We can provide a range of services from rough mixes on the fly to spending a whole day on a single track. Contact us to discuss your requirements, or read more about our mixing and mastering services.

Can i attend the mix session?

We usually provide ‘online mixing’, which means files are exchanged over ‘WeTransfer’ or ‘Dropbox’ and the recording is mixed in-house. The first mix is uploaded for comments and then changes are applied accordingly. However, if you would like to attend the sessions in person we are more than happy to accommodate this for an extra charge.

Do you offer CD manufacturing?

Yes! We outsource the work to a number of trusted companies and are able to offer CD & Vinyl duplication and replication and artwork design. Duplication suits small runs (up to 500 discs) and quick turnarounds; replication uses a glass master and is ideal for large production runs and commercial releases. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer production separately?

Yes! we can provide a producer who will direct the smooth running of a session. Adi has produced recording sessions, podcasts and audio for video shoots both in house and in other studios.

The role of the producer is to get the best out of the artist and to manage the sessions accordingly. They also provide a second set of ears that helps the talent maintain perspective. Adi is comfortable producing sessions by ear, from a script or from a full score.

If you have a producer, Arête can provide a recording engineer for the session to take care of equipment, mic placement and achieving the desired balance. We can engineer sessions on location, in the studio and as live captures.

Feel free to contact us for more information

Do you do voice-overs, jingles, music for film or radio spots?

Yes! we produce voice-overs, jingles, copyright free music, music for film, radio spots and commercials. We also offer a full range of sound design services for TV & Film.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions

Do I need a copyright licence?

It depends what the material is and how you plan to distribute your recording. Pressing CDs for public release will require a manufacture licence from PRS if the music is still in copyright. Digital distribution through Amazon and iTunes doesn’t always require a licence, but if you host the audio on your own website you will need an online licence. We can advise on and purchase the relevant licence as part of the production process.