In Crimson Colours

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‘In Crimson Colours’ is the collaborative project of Méon and Qualia, starting in early 2014. After talking online and sharing a mutual appreciation of each other’s music they decided on creating music much more focused on adding a visual media element as well as a means to break out of the comfort zone of a respective genre.

This project is an amalgamation of both artists respective works, chiming guitars, enveloping atmospheres and delicate piano to go hand-in-hand with the video created alongside it. The idea is to take a different approach for every album, potentially collaborating with different musicians for each release, starting with the debut release featuring Adi’s girlfriend at the time.

‘In Crimson Colours’ is a vessel for both artists to create under a name that frees them from the constraints of labels, preconceptions and genre association to purely explore new ideas.

Keeping with Arêtes ethos, the project maintains a DIY ethic, Writing, recording, mastering and self-releasing all music themselves under the Arête Sound House umbrella.

The debut release had many revisions, and been going through different phases of development hell. Originally created under the name ‘Eyes Make Pictures’, the name quickly changed to ‘In Crimson Colours’. The first songs were re-adapted demos that didn’t stand the test of time. During the years both artists focused on their on work while still talking about collaborating for a joint album. The turning point was a potential 3rd Mêon album, which has been written by Adi.

When the original demos were shared with dan, the first seeds of what will become ‘When The Rain Will Erode The Deeds of Life’ were planted. After deciding not to release the songs under Méon, The group resumed production, reimagining the songs, as well as using new material written by Dan to finally finish recording their album.

Production resumed in 2020 and was finalised in early 2021.

The groups debut album ‘The Rain Will Erode The Deeds of Life’ was released on 23/03/21