Méon is the Experimental solo project of Adi Lincoln, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Méon originally began in early 2012 as an experiment after growing tired of being involved in bands unwilling to do different things. After releasing a few single tracks it became a fixed project and so writing and recording began on what became the first release named ‘Soundless Days’

In september of the same year Méon released his experimental EP titled ‘When Each At Least Unto Himself Shall Waken’, created around 3 poems written by Adi’s girlfriend at the time who also edited the short experimental film composed of found footage from lost archives.

This was the first and only physical release to date, the album was well reviewed and received praise for the composition and sound of the album.

After those two releases, Adi went on an indefinite hiatus from creating music under the moniker of Méon to focus on his sound engineering career and the collaboration project with Dan Leader of qualia titled ‘In Crimson Colours’.

The sound is characterised by ambient soundscapes, instrumentals & drones along with experimental guitar work, spoken word and/or Vocals. 

Adi’s art drives to be defined by the journeys he goes throughout  his life. 

Official Bandcamp Page.